Well equipped Orcs wielding large tower shields
Available upgrades: Banners

The Gaolers form the very backbone of the armies of Dol Guldur. In Dol Guldur, the Gaolers are in charge of guarding its vast system of dungeons and chambers to insure no intruders get in or out. As Uruks, they hold a higher position in the overall society of fortress, bossing the smaller and weaker orcs around. The Uruks found in this rank are hand-picked from the strongest of their kind, and are trained to be highly disciplined. They delight in torturing the captives at Dol Guldur, especially elves. Intruments of pain they use well: throngs, hammers, clubs and daggers. Although the average Gaoler lacks sufficient weapons for war, he makes up for it with sheer physical strength.
In battle the Gaolers are clad in the heaviest armour and helms available in Dol Guldur. They wield no weapons, for their sole purpose in battle is to provide an arrow screen for the entire following army. As such, each Gaoler carries with him an immense shield, as large as themselves and thick enough to withstand constant punishment from almost any weapon. These "Grim Shields" are made from a variety of different components, ranging from animal hide and wood to metal plating and leather straps. The symbols of Dol Guldur and of Mordor are painted on each shield and spells of preservation are laid on them. It is a vanguard that few can withstand, as arrows glance off the shields harmlessly and close-contact leaves spears and blades notched. The sight of the advancing forces of Dol Guldur is frightening to behold, for the forerunners of Dol Guldurs army set fire to all trees in their path, so that none may hinder the approaching army. In the blighted atmosphere, the terrifying silhouette of the Gaolers can be seen: a mass of an impenetrable wall of shields, so large that none of the uruks' features can be seen, advancing slowly.


Animated metal construct

When Sauron dwelt at Dol Guldur as the Necromancer prior to the Battle of the Five Armies, he summoned to him not only countless minions of orcs, wolves and men to his bidding but also a number of dreadful spirits. These restless souls were those of whom that contained such hate and evil in life that they lingered on even in death, hating the living yet fearing the taste of death more. Their willfull devotion to the Dark Lord came at a price, for Sauron enslaved each of these apparitions into great suits of twisted and harrowing armour, donning the visage of his once terrible form at the field of Dagorlad during the War of the Last Alliance. They would become Dol Guldur's sleepless sentries, forever alert for any approaching danger that might harm the Tower or its Lord. They were given the name Castellans, as that was their purpose, they were not unlike the Watchers of Cirith Ungol and Minas Morgul. During the assault of Dol Guldur by the White Council, almost all of the Castellans were banished by the powerful magic of the elves, but only for so long. After the reemergence of Sauron at Mordor and the return of the shadow in Mirkwood, the once lifeless and corroding armour of the Castellans stirred once more, reanimated by the Black Easterling Khamul to do his bidding in the name of the Dark Lord. They now stand ready at the gates of that cursed citadel, awaiting their masters' will.