Q: Which version of the game will this mod work with?
A: The Battle For Middle Earth 1, with the latest patch applied.

Q: Where can I download this mod?
A: You can't, it isn't released yet.

Q: What is the release date?
A: Unannounced. It's considered bad form to ask.

Q:Which version of Middle-earth is the Mod based on? The books' or the films'?
A: We try to incorporate elements from the books while sticking with the films' design style

Q: Are you planning on increasing the maximum population capacity of the game?
A: Yes, by at least double.

Q: How many new heroes and units will be in the Mod?
A: We're looking at over 50 new heroes and an equal number of new units

Q: Will base building still be based around plots? Will there be build anywhere?
A: We are keeping the plot system, with the addition of the minifaction plots.

Q: Will new maps be introduced in the Mod?
A: We hope to have new maps for major locations in Middle-Earth.

Q:Will there be a new extended campaign in the initial release? If not, are there plans for one in the future?
A: We don't plan for an extended campaign initially, but one may be released later.

Q: Will this Mod be playable online?
A: Yes, with other mod users only.

Q: What are the minimum/recommended system requirements for this Mod?
A: The mod should correspond with the original BFME system requirements.

Q: I want to help with this mod, what should I do?
A: See the Jobs page.

Q: Will archers in this Mod still be super accurate or will there be some sort of new accuracy penalty/system?
A: We are planning on introducing differing accuracies

Q: Will all the factions be balanced?
A: We hope so, eventually.

Q: Will there be new music?
A: Yes, we have the services of a composer who has designed new themes for our new factions. You can find them on the Music page

Q: Will there be new voices for the new heroes & units?
A: Hopefully.

Q: Can I be a Beta Tester?
A: We have already selected our first round beta testers

Q: Why did the RA Mod move to yet another host site?
A: We have a strong association with the staff at The Third Age

Q: Will there be any new competitions for the public in the future?
A: We hope so. Watch the forums for announcements.

Q: What happened to the weekly blog & gallery?
A: The weekly gallery is still here, in the screenshots section. The blog has been moved to the forums, in the form of a Sneak Peek section updated weekly.

Q: Will the Mod be adding any new creeps/neutral creatures into the game?
A: Yes, many northern civilizations and creatures will make appearances

Q: How many powers will be in each faction's Evenstar/One Ring Power Tree?
A: The same number as original BFME, though we hope to have each power tree as completely unique

Q: Will there be any graphical improvements to the game? New updated models/skins/animations for units, heroes & buildings etc?
A: Most of the game's units from the original factions have been redone. Buildings and bases are generally good enough for our purposes.

Q: Will cavalry Archers be able to shoot while moving?
A: No, due to balance issues.

Q: What are the new "Captain" units?
A: Units that can combine with other units to increase their power.

Q: Will there be new formation combinations for your troops? And can units from mini-factions combine with those of the main factions?
A: New formations will be provided. Some minifaction units will be able to combine with mainfaction units.

Q: Will we be able to zoom in and out more than we could in the original game? Will there be different camera angles?
A: We hope to add camera angle changes to the game.

Q: Will siege play a more significant role in this Mod than in the original game?
A: Yes. No longer will the catapult be the only viable weapon.

Q: Will the new siege system and walls make turtling/camping easier or harder? Will there be penalties for turtling/camping?
A: The new siege system is to add depth to siege. Defence will be different, and attack will be differnt. A powerful castle will be a challenge to take down, but it will require time and effort to grow to that stage.

Q: Will there be naval units?
A: No.

Q: Will Isengard get walls in this Mod?
A: No.

Q: Will there be Druedain/Woses?
A: Not in the initial release. There have been some thoughts about adding them eventually.

Q: How will the Army of the Dead and Balrog work in the Mod? Will they still be the "Nukes" of BFME?
A: They will be less obscenely powerful, but still useful to the player.

Q: Are there going to be Dragons?
A: Not in factions. They may make an appearance as neutral creatures on certain maps.