Amon Hen
by EA
Amon Hen Amon Hen The ruins of Amon Hen lie on the west side of the river Anduin on the border of the lands of Rohan.
by Rimli
Andrast Andrast The southwest border of Gondor between the Bay of Belfalas and the Great Sea.
by Steve Campen (High Elven Lord)
Angmar Angmar Of old, this was the realm of the Witch-king, but was deserted and is now a dark and barren land.
Barrow Downs
by m@tt
Barrow Downs Barrow Downs These ancient burial grounds were a peaceful land until evil spirits were sent down from Angmar to occupy the burial mounds.
Bridge of Khazad-dum
by m@tt
Khazad-dum Khazad-dum Between the Halls of Moria and the Dimrill Stairs, there is a deep abyss spanned by the Bridge of Khazad-dûm
by m@tt
Caradhras Caradhras One of the three Mountains of Moria, the Redhorn has a cruel reputation and its pass is narrow and dangerous.
Dimrill Dale
by m@tt
Dimrill Dale Dimrill Dale A rocky yet forested valley east of the Misty Mountains that surrounds the Mirrormere.
by m@tt
Dorwinion Dorwinion The wine that comes from the vineyards on these hills are a favourite of the King of Mirkwood.
by m@tt
dwarrowdelf dwarrowdelf These vast and beautiful halls were once the greatest of the Dwarven realms, but are now infested by goblins and trolls
by EA
Edoras Edoras Edoras is the city of the Rohirrim, built upon a great mound. It's Golden Hall is home to King Theoden of Rohan.
by Lex Flores
Eregion Eregion Once home to the Elven-smiths who forged the Rings of Power, but has become overgrown and ruined since.
by Hawk10314
Ettenmoors Ettenmoors These rocky highlands are unsuitable for even the most sure-footed of horses and are invested with trolls.
Falls of Rauros
by §Tattoo§
Falls of Rauros The huge waterfall on the river Anduin, near the ruins of Amon Hen and east of the lands of Rohan.
Far Harad
by Saurons Mund
Far Harad Far Harad These rocky deserts have not been seen by the men of the west for many years.
by m@tt
Forochel Forochel Passing through the icy bays of Forochel is a perilous journey with freezing winds and tall cliff faces of ice.
Gollum's Cave
by m@tt
Gollum's Cave Gollum's Cave For many centuries, the One Ring corrupted Gollum in these underground lakes.
Green Hill Country
by Amroth
Green Hill Country Green Hill Country A region of hills north of the Shire, home to the Great Smials, the ancestral home of the Tooks.
Grey Mountains
by m@tt, base version by Lost_Hawk
Grey Mountains Grey Mountains These mountains in the Wilderland have been home to dragons in the past, but are now empty after many battles.
by Saurons Mund
Harnen Harnen A river on the border between Harad and South Gondor that is crossed by the Harad Road.
Helm's Deep
by EA
Helms Deep Helms Deep This great keep has proven a refuge for the people of Rohan in the past. No orc has ever set foot inside the the Hornburg.
by EA
Isengard Isengard The Ring of Isengard was given to Saruman the White, who betrayed the Council and turned it into a fortress of evil.
by m@tt
Khand Khand Khand is a dry and barren land in the south whose many tribes have pledged alligience to Sauron.
by FoeHammer
Lamedon Lamedon A semi-mountainous region just south of the White Mountains and one of the Southern Fiefdoms of the realm of Gondor.
by Steve Campen (High Elven Lord)
Lithlad Lithlad A great ashy plain that lies to the east of Barad-dur in Mordor.
by EA
Lothlorien Lothlorien Lothlórien is the forest surrounding the elven city of Caras Galadhon, home to the powerful elven queen Galadriel.
Minas Morgul
by m@tt, buildings by GothmogtheOrc
Minas Morgul Minas Morgul The once proud city of Minas Ithil was over-run by the Nazgûl and is now a place of fear and great evil.
Minas Tirith
by EA
Minas Tirith Minas Tirith The city of Anorien sits on seven levels against Mount Mindolluin and is ruled over by the Stewards of Gondor.
Mountains of Mirkwood
by m@tt
Mountains of Mirkwood Mountains of Mirkwood A range of high hills in the dense forest of Mirkwood, from which the Enchanted Streams flows down.
Old Ford of Anduin
by m@tt
Old Ford of Anduin Old Ford of Anduin The Anduin flows south between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, and the ford is part of the Old Forest Road.
by S@uron2000
Rhudaur Rhudaur These lands were once controlled by the forces of Angmar, but are now deserted.
Shelob's Lair
by EA
Shelobs Lair Shelobs Lair In the caves above Minas Morgul, the daughter of Ungoliant feeds on the orcs that come down from Cirith Ungol.
South Rhun
by Dennis Agodzo
South Rhun South Rhun The Wainriders of Rhun came to dwell in these dusty lands east of Mordor and formed allegiances with Khand and Harad.
by White Nazgul
Swanfleet Swanfleet The swamps and wetlands east of the ruins of Tharbad are home to many swans.
Vales of Celduin
by SnoopyZero
Vales of Celduin Vales of Celduin The River Running flows down from the Lonely Mountain and is joined by many tributaries on its way to the Sea of Rhun.
by m@tt
Weathertop Weathertop This was once the proud tower of Amon Sûl, but became ruined after the evil from Angmar attacked the northern lands.