Sneak Peek Archive

Janaury 18th Moria Cave
Janaury 11th Erebor Castle
Janaury 4th Monument to Durin the Deathless
November 9th The Carrock
November 9th Lurtz
October 5th Fords of Bruinen
August 31st Erebor Craftsman
July 13th Lake Evendim
July 6th Dale Inn
June the 29th Old Ford of Anduin
June the 25th Gimli
June the 15th Khand
April 20th The Bridge of Khazad-dum
April 13th Thorin III Stonehelm
March 31th Burk-Khazad Cheer animations
March 17th Gollum's Cave
March 9th Erebor Siege Master
March 2nd Dale Royal Fletcher
February 24th Khazad Guard
February 17th Dunlending Camp
February 10th Barrow Downs
February 3rd Grima Wormtongue
January 27th Minas Tirith
January 20th Dale Watchhouse, Swordsman's Guild and Marksman's Guild
December 30th Finished Maps List
December 16th Spearman Animations
December 9th Iron Guard Banner Carrier
December 2nd Rivendell Cavalry
November 25th For Gondor!
November 18th Dwarrowdelf
November 11th Iron Hills Encampment
November 4th Erebor Camp Wall Upgrades
October 28st Dol Amroth Barracks and the Pass of Caradhras
October 21st Armourer's Guild
October 14th Updated Theme and Battle Music for Harad
October 8th Weathertop and The Vales of Celduin
September 30th Erebor Elder Hall
September 23rd Erebor Camp and upgrades
September 16th Ered Luin Venturers
September 9th Eregion & Angmar
September 2nd Dale Watch House
August 26th Khazad Baraz-Sharu
August 19th Harad Raider and Market Place
August 12th The Iron Guard
August 5th The Tarag-Udrig
July 30th Ghafrid and the Harad Stables
July 23rd Erebor Mine
July 15th Dorwinion and the Mountains of Mirkwood
July 8th Eomer and the Dale Heavy Spearsman
June 29th Animations for the Great Beast and the Woodsman, as well as a render of Dwarf weaponry.
June 24th 2 map screenshots, showing the Dimrill Dale and the Grey Mountains
June 17th Four animations - one of a Dwarven Captain and three of Thranduil.
June 11th The revamped Great Beast of Mordor
June 4th The Erebor Smithy
May 27th The vicious Uruk-Hai Scouts, and three animations for the Castellan of Dol Guldur.
May 20th The Dale Royal Warden and a Hero of Rohan, Elfhelm.
May 12th Gloin of Erebor and a Corsair from Umbar.
May 6th Weathertop
April 29th Animations for the Marchwardens and Aithran