Dunedain Gondor
Dol Amroth

Main Faction

Gondor Citadel

Trains the leaders and captains of Gondor

A towering stronghold of white stone and marble, the Citadel of Gondor stands as a mighty testament of the Dunedainís superior architecture. It is here that the captains of the West discuss tactics and strategies for campaigns against the Shadow. This building allows you to recruit the heroes of Mordor.

Gondor Barracks

Trains the core troops of Gondor

The military academies of the Southern Kingdom where the soldiers of Gondor are trained. In addition, you may enlist the services of the elite Guards of the Fountain Court.

Gondor Archery Range

Trains the missile troops of Gondor

The structure where Gondorís superb bowman receive their training in marksmanship. The Archery Range may train the Citadel Guards of Gondor. Various upgrades are purchasable from this building.

Gondor Stable

Trains the cavalry of Gondor

Fewer in number than those of their Rohirrim allies, the stables are found only in well-placed fortresses and outposts long held by Gondor. It is from this building that the Knights of Gondor obtain their noble steeds.

Gondor Marketplace

Improves Gondor's Economy

Consequential to the south kingdomís thriving economy are its marketplaces. Merchants from Lossarnach, Lebennin, Belfalas, the Langstrand and even Rohan come here to ply their trades. Various upgrades can be purchased from this building.

Gondor Stoneworker

Upgrades Gondor's Fortifications

The masonry of old Numenor may have been paramount in its age, but with the passing of time, even the best of structures will eventually fall into decay. It is the stoneworkers of Gondor that maintain their countryís sturdy constructs and ensure their standard for years to come. Various upgrades to fortify your base can be found here.

Gondor Workshop

Constructs Gondorian Siege Weapons

Relatively new to Gondor, the siege workshops of Minas Tirith are some of the most proficient in their work. Despite being of inferior in size and numbers to the siegeworks of the Black Land, Gondorís artificersí pride themselves on the quality of their devices, rather than quantity. The Trebuchet can be built at this building.

Gondor Keep

Defends the Gondorian base

Though not as imposing or as strong as the Citadel, the Keepís price and ease of construct secures its place in Gondorís architecture. Prior to acquiring the Keep Archers upgrade, ranged units must first be garrisoned inside the structure for defense.

Wall Trebuchet

Defends the Gondorian base

Lethal anti-siege machines mounted on ramparts along the walls of major bulwarks, the Wall Trebuchets can launch their heavy boulders at enemy units from miles away. Can only be built on walls.

Postern Gate

Allows infantry to sally forth

The Postern Gate is a concealed opening of a castle where only infantry units and heroes can sally forth and harass a besieging enemy.

Heroic Statue

Inspires the men of Gondor

Built in the days of Gondorís zenith, these statues of past heroes serve to inspire all Free People who look upon them to fight harder for the preservation of their lands. The Heroic Statue gives off a bonus to nearby friendly units.

Gondor Well

Heals nearby troops

The pristine clear waters of Gondorís Well serve to sake the thirst of its fighting men. Gondor Wells heal nearby friendly units and heroes.

Gondor Blacksmith

Pruduces Resources and upgrades troops

The Blacksmith supplies Gondorís war effort with weapons and armour, crafted from White Mountains-mined ore. Adept in metal-work, the smiths and armourers of Gondor are able to forge sword, bow, shield and hauberk in a uniformed capacity at staggering amounts within a short timeframe, all the while retaining its degree of excellence. Various upgrades are available from this building.

Gondor Farm

Produces resources

More common in regions such as Anorien and the Southern Fiefs, the farms of the people of Gondor supply its army with supplies of ailments.

Beacon of Gondor

Summons reinforcements

Great fire-places filled with woodpiles and oil and permanently manned by men of Gondor, the Warning beacons act as the kingdomís alarm system in dire times. The most well-known of these: Amon DÓn, Eilenach, Nardol, Erelas, Min-Rimmon, Calenhad and Halifirien were built in the Third Age to warn the Southern Fiefs of Gondor for a threat in the north provinces of Calenardhon and Anorien or conversely. In the case of the War of the Ring, the beacons are used by Gondor to summon aid from the southern provinces and at emergencies, the closely-allied kingdom of Rohan, further confirmed with the arrival of the Red Arrow.