Dunedain Gondor
Dol Amroth

Main Faction


Available at the Blacksmith
Ranks the battalion to Level 2

The vivid standards of the White Tower inspire the Men of Gondor to fight all the more courageously. This upgrade ranks the selected battalion to Level 2 veterancy.


Available at the Archery Range
Increases Archer accuracy

Within the ranks of Gondor’s archery divisions exist accomplished marksmen who excel in felling multiple targets with tremendous range and speed. This upgrade allows a selected battalion of archers to be more accurate, thus dealing more damage.

Blades of Numenor

Available at the Blacksmith
Increases melee damage

The swords of Numenor were said to be the finest of the weapons of Men in the Second Age, near-rivals to those of the Elves and Dwarves, the Numenorean longswords inspired awe and fear from the “Middle-Men” who took the Westernesse as either their strongest allies or their greatest foe. Now, approaching the end of the Third Age, the technique of forging these ancient blades is said to be forever lost with the Akallabeth. However, a few craftsmen within Minas Tirith’s smiths say that records of these methods were brought to Gondor with Isildur and Anarion, now laying hidden deep within the vaults, yet unused until the uttermost time of need.

Heavy Armour

Available at the Blacksmith
Increases unt defence

The standard black and silver leather and chain-mail of Gondor’s military is substituted with newer polished plate armour for added defense.

Fire Arrows

Available at the Archery Range
Increases Archer damage against buildings

In the absence of siege weapons, the archers of Gondor employ fire arrows. These tar-dipped shafts provide an easy means of disposal of the foul constructs of the Enemy, but are ineffective against smaller infantry targets.


Available at the Stoneworker
Allows consturction of wall addons

A command to fortify a city will urge its garrison and workers to strengthen the bulwark that surrounds them. Familiar to this order, a Gondorian city is able to set up its lofty defense before the arrival of the adversary’s main army.


Available at the Stoneworker
Allows the construction of wall upgrades, and stations guards.

Outer stronghold prone to repeating attacks are usually reinforced more heavily. The best of what Gondor has to offer turns a mild hold into an intimidating citadel, prompting an attacking force to think twice.

Reinforced Gates

Available at the Stoneworker
Increases gate armour

The castle gates are always the weakest point of any fortress, where enemy hosts will concentrate their hardest assaults upon to force a way through. To counter this, the builders of Gondor would reinforce the entry ways of the crucial strongholds, utilizing thicker steel and wood, and rarer still, mithril.

Numenorian Stonework

Available at the Stoneworker
Increases wall armour

The ancient Numenorean building style of huge, close-fitting, mortarless blocks that can be seen in older cities such as Pelargir and Minas Tirith was thought to have been lost in time following the events of the Third Age. However, a recent delving into the vaults of the White Tower by Gondorian scholars has discovered several worn-out manuscripts detailing this arduous process. This uncovering has been of great significance for the stoneworkers of Minas Tirith, who are undertaking hasty repairs and bolstering the aging outer walls of the Tower of Guard and the newly built Rammas Echor.

Keep Archers

Available at the Stoneworker
Allows Gondorian Keeps to fire without garrisoned troops

Keep Archers are specifically tasked marksmen who excel at shooting down targets through the narrow arrow-slits of defensive ramparts, spending nearly all of their time within a tower filled with supplies and extra arrows. While their comrades fight on the open field or wall, exposing them to harm, the nigh-impenetrable structure of the Keep Archers’ covers them from the incoming fire of enemy bowmen.

Grand Harvest

Available at the Marketplace
Increases the food harvested from farms

Times of plenty yield forth grand harvests from the farms, securing the supply lines of the south kingdom’s military indefinitely.

Iron Ore

Available at the Marketplace
Increases the quality of iron produced

Iron Ore increases the effectiveness of Gondor’s smiths, guaranteeing a faster stream of weapons and armour.

Siege Materials

Available at the Marketplace
Recovers material from destroyed buildings

When besieged by an enemy force and running low on projectiles, the Gondorian defenders will find the practicality of using the rubble created from the damaged buildings of a fastness for their siege weapons, launching the destruction of their foes straight back at them.