Palace Guards (Passive)

Guards defend the Rhun Outpost

Already a formidable bulwark against enemy stikes, the Outposts of Rhun can be further supplemented with a troop of Palace Guards. The Palace Guards are the very elite Rhun’s aristocracy can offer, inculcated to dispel the very notion of fear these guardsmen defend their post with zeal considered extraordinary even by their easterling comrades.

Blades of Rhun (Passive)

Increases the attack of your elites

Once thought barbaric and unsophisticated, the metal craft of Rhun exceeds the skill of all others who are held sway by Sauron, whether in Gorgoroth, Barad-dur, Dol Guldur, Minas Morgul, Nurn, Khan, Harad or even Umbar. Whether thought to them by eastern dwarves, ignorant elves or the Dark Lord himself, the bountiful supply of iron in the Mountains of Rhun, the Ered Lithui and the Orocarni has provided the armies of the East with a nearly inexhaustible amount of metal for use in everyday chores or in war. Near the end of the Third Age, a vast number of these blades have also been procured for use by the orcs of the Red Eye.