Easterling Warriors

Swordsmen from Rhun
Available upgrades: Banners

War-hardened, well-equipped, disciplined, merciless fanatic and stalwart, the enigmatic warriors of the East are amongst the best of the Dark Lordís mannish allies. Armed with short poleaxes, scimitars and large rectangular shields and covered in armour only exposed at the back, the Easterlings surge forward into battle as a wave of red and gold, competent enough to challenge any enemy force halting their advance.

Soldiers of Rhun

Rhunic soldiers armed with the halberd
Available upgrades: Banners

Formed into a different division to combat the horse-kingdom of Rhovanion during the mid-Third Age, the long poleaxe-armed Soldiers of Rhun are the most versatile of Sauronís forces when it comes to interrupting cavalry charges. Whether by slashing, stabbing or simply hooking the cloaks of passing riders, the Soldiers of Rhun can inflict massive loses to enemy horsemen on the open field of battle. Their efficiency is made even greater when they are arranged in a phalanx or porcupine formation.

Easterling Archers

Accurate archers from Rhun
Available upgrades: Banners, Marksmen

Archery is a crucial proficiency for survival in the remote lands of the East, on the hunting grounds or on the field of battle. Talented marksmen of Rhun are highly prize by the Dark Lord, as his own Orcish servants do not excel in ranged combat. Easterling Archers are clothed in lighter garments and armour than their melee-oriented comrades, as they are for the most part chosen as skirmishers and sharpshooters for the main army, picking off enemy captains or harassing the flanks of the opposing host. The bowmen of Rhun are notable in appearance for their fanned, spread-out arrangement of arrows, kept in place with by specially designed quiver.


Heavy chariots out of the East

The charioteers of Rhun during the War of the Ring are the direct descendants of the now-fractured Wainrider Empire and Balcoth nobility, having preserved their ancient custom of riding upon chariots to war. The bane of infantry and cavalry alike, these new generations of Wainriders employed by the Rhunic army are used in battle to skirt the flanks of the enemy and crush their forces from the sides, with their heavy wheels and wicked scythes. A skilled charioteer could also fight from the back of his vehicle, using the power that its speed bestows to his advantage. Alternatively, chariots are used as steeds for heroes and champions to quickly move about the battlefield giving their commands to the troops before leading the charge. Chariots are rarely seen in the Western realms of Middle Earth, but the thunder of hooves and the rumble of wheels are fast approaching from the East.