Flood of Bruinen

A great flood encircles the Rivendell mini-faction building within a large radius, damaging all enemy units caught in it.

The River Bruinen, or Loudwater River, was located south of the valley of Rivendell. Surprisingly powerful given its apparent size, the river was under the control of Elrond. With his Ring, Vilya the elf-lord could command the waters to rise up in wrath against any enemy trying to enter Rivendell, forming a great flood capable of washing away whole armies. It is for this reason that no attacking force has ever succeeded in besieging Imladris or even coming within bow range of the Last Homely House.

Library of Elrond (Passive)

Decreases the amount of resources needed for purchasing upgrades.

Rivendell is a repository of books and lore on the history of the Elves and Middle-earth, a warehouse of knowledge collected from all manner of beings whether Man, Elf or Wizard to a varied number of lands including (but not limited to) Beleriand, Eregion, Arnor, Lindon and even Valinor, where information concerning past ages or techniques long forgotten may be found. Some say that the might of Elrond is not in weapons but in wisdom, with a library outmatching even the archives of Denethor at Minas Tirith. Such a claim has since gone unchallenged, for few houses of learning indeed contain the sheer volume of letters as those accessible in the House of Elrond.