Macar (Quenya: Warrior)

Elite melee combat unit
Available upgrades: Nornlath, Nimmidanorn

Being situated so close to the Misty Mountains, the Ettenmoors and the former witch-realm of Angmar, Rivendell stands as a bastion of peace and rest in a war-torn land. However, even with Lord Elrondís command of the River Bruinen there have been times when the elves of the Last Homely House must take up arms to defend their lands. In the War of the Elves and Sauron and the War between Angmar and Arnor, special sorties of these Macar were led out of the valley and into the thick of battle. Valiant and war-wise, these elves were amongst the finest warriors still dwelling in Middle-earth. Though their position as a permanent force in Elrondís realm has now been lessened, the War of Ring may soon bring about another change of part for these swordsmen.

Aithran (Quenya: Spear-lord)

Elite glaive-wielders
Available upgrades: Nornlath, Nimmidanorn

It is said that after Gil-galadís death in the War of the Last Alliance, many of the spearmen of the High Elven-kingís personal guard who had survived the battle returned to their homes at Lindon. Nevertheless, a few companies of these spear-wielding elves resolved to follow Elrond to Rivendell, as he had been Gil-galadís herald and standard-bearer. In the Third Age, the Aitharan proved their worth once again, as they joined forces with their allies from Mithlond, Arnor, Lorien and Gondor against the armies of the Witch-lord of Angmar. The Aitharan are phenomenal spearmen, besting even the skill of Gondorís and Dorwinionís, as they scythe and whirl their glaives through enemy soldiers as a farmer would with wheat. Coupled with their reach and dexterity, the Aitharan are amongst the most dangerous adversaries mounted troops will ever encounter.

Roquentar (Quenya: High Horseman)

Elite Mounted Troops
Available upgrades: Nornlath, Nimmidanorn

The elves have always possessed a special bond and affinity with the kindly beasts of Middle-earth, so much so that they are seemingly gifted with the ability to communicate with their animal companions. The horsemen of Rivendell serve as an example of this generally passive capability employed as an effective skill of war. So powerful is the bond that the elven steeds share with their masters that they seem almost as a single being, weaving and darting through enemy positions that would otherwise be an impossible task for riders of other lands. Native to Rhudaur and especially the valley of Rivendell, the elven steeds are the last surviving descendants of the horses brought by the Eldar from Valinor. The horses of the Dunedain are also from this stock. The Roquentar of Imladris function as the regionís scouts, escorts and when need be, raiding cavalry. They are charged with the responsibility of defending all elves wishing to depart to the Grey Havens or to pass over the Misty Mountains into Lorien, the Woodland Realm or elsewhere. The Roquentar were present at the Battle of Fornost, led by Glorfindel, they succeeded in completely routing the forces of Angmar and decimating all of its soldiers.

Cano (Quenya: Leader)

Captain of Rivendell

Apart from being a secret refuge and a place of knowledge within Eriador, Imladris is also the home to elf-lords of great majesty and power, capable of standing against the Nazgul. Survivors of Eregion and Beleriand, emissaries from Lindon and even returning elves from across the Sea, the elf-lords of Rivendell are amongst the most able of captains found in Middle-earth. Theyíre inborn leadership is so forceful that it inspires those around them to bring down enemies twice their skill, number and size, achieving victory even at the brink of defeat.