Rivendell Beornings Mirkwood

Men of the Vales of Anduin


The son of Beorn and Lord of the Men who dwell in the wide lands between the Mountains and the Wood, Grimbeorn is a worthy successor of his fatherís line. A giant even among the largest of the Beornings, Grimbeornís immense physical strength and endurance is further augmented by his ability to skin-change into a seemingly gigantic bear, an enigmatic skill passed down through Beornís people. While in bear form, the son of Beorn is near impervious to harm, susceptible only to the shafts of enemy archers. Grimbeorn may scan the horizons for approaching foes or be driven into a berserker rage that frightens even trolls.


One of the five Istari sent to Middle-earth by the Valar, Radagast the Brown resides in Rhosgobel, on the Western borders of Mirkwood. A friend to the Men, Elves and all good creatures uncorrupted by Sauron, Radagast is, despite having been looked down upon by the head of his order, Saruman, a reliable and powerful Wizard. As all other Wizards of his order, Radagast can at need, project a blast of force from his staff, knocking back aggressors. A master of hues Radagast may alter his body and garb's texture and colour, rendering him almost invisible in any terrain, be it forest, hill or plain. His long understanding of herb-lore grants the Brown Wizard capable of rejuvenating the abilities of his allies. His affinity with the wildlife of Middle-earth has earned him the aid of such creatures as hawks (acting as scouts and distracting attackers) and the Great Eagles (which he can mount or call upon) in battle.