Rivendell Beornings Mirkwood

Men of the Vales of Anduin


Heavy melee combattant

Beorning Warriors are giants among the Men that call Rhovanion home, standing taller than those of Gondor, the Men of Beorn’s house take pride in their physique, for it is one of the few things that keeps their people from the cruel blades of the Orcs. Courageous and stalwart, the axe-wielding Beornings have lately gained control of some portions of the Misty Mountains (most notably the High Pass) and have become skilled at dealing with Sauron’s maggot folk, who they maintain their guard against. Though only a small number among their people are pure skin-changers, their almost legendary status as formidable fighters have made its mark on even the most savage of Orcs, Wargs and Evil Men, who generally avoid their lands at all costs.


Versatile woodsmen

The other halves of the folk inhabiting the Vales of Anduin, the Woodmen of Mirkwood are an ancient but resourceful people, the only remaining ones of the original Men living around Greenwood the Great. The Woodmen came to the aid of Isildur’s company (to little avail) at the end of the Second Age and were still present when Thorin’s Company went on the Quest of Erebor. A people skilled in woodcraft, archery, deception and ambush, the Woodmen have evolved to be Mirkwood’s most adept mannish warriors, rivaling even the Rangers of Ithilien and lost Arnor in their forest warfare. Always the first to bear the brunt of assaults from Dol Guldur, raiding packs of Wargs and the Giants Spiders that infest large parts of the Wood, the Men of the Wood, their nature inflamed by their wanton foes, surpass all except the Wood-elves in dealing with Dol Guldur’s hosts.