Rivendell Beornings Mirkwood

Men of the Vales of Anduin

Bees of the Beornings

All Mirkwood Orchards receive an increase in production rate and resources for an amount of time.

It is said among the folk of Wilderland that the Beornings are the greatest bakers known to them, famed for their honey cakes. This is made apparent when one is invited into the home of these people, for the Beornings keep bees of great size within their lodges. As Bilbo Baggins of the Shire once thought, these bees can inflict painful stings on those unfortunate enough to disturb them.

Wild Gathering (Passive)

4 great bears are summoned and guard the area around an Anduin's Vale's mini-faction structure. They will attack all nearby enemy units.

It is perilous to ambush a Beorning village, not only because of the hardy warriors themselves, but also because of their most loyal allies, the Great Bears of Rhovanion. Mighty enough to challenge the Trolls, these invaluable creatures have long since shared their ancestral regions with the people of Beorn. Forming a mutual bond between the two races, both Bear and Man would come to each otherís defense when dire times came. This is more obviously seen at night during ages of unrest, when numerous bears of every size patrol the lands inhabited by the Men of the Vales of Anduin.