Dunedain Gondor
Dol Amroth


Dunedain Camp

Encampment of the men of Arnor

Semi-nomadic in lifestyle, the Rangers of the North carry their entire camp equipments when roaming the expanse of northern Eriador. With their fortress-enclaves centered predominantly on the Angle, which housed the majority of the remaining population of the northern Dunedain, the temporary settlements of the Rangers were rudimentary at best, composed of only tents and a campfire, as to be easily packed when moving on or concealed. The Rangers tend to favour the former lands of Arnor as their camp-sites, particularly near where clean water is easily accessible, where the venerated ruins of their ancestors provide a readily available shelter for well-earned respites from their labour, lowering their risk of revealing themselves. The Ranger Encampment is where all Dunedain mini-faction units and heroes can be trained, in addition to where one can purchase and activate Dunedain-specific upgrades and powers.