Reclaimed Watchtower

Upgrades the Dunedain Camp

At the time of the War of the Ring, much of the once great cities and strongholds of the North Kingdom lie ruined. The local inhabitants usually avoid or shun such locales, believing them to be haunted by shades, bandits or worst. In truth, these crumbling remains of mighty structures of Arnor are venerated by the remnants of her former nobility, the Rangers of the North, who visit the ruins at times to pay their respect to their lost kingdom and to remember its great deeds. Though many of the Northern Kingdom’s structures remain forsaken in the late Third Age, the Dunedain of the North have begun retaking and partially rebuilding strategic outposts scattered throughout the North Downs, the Weather Hills, the South Downs and the Hills of Evendim, to better help them keep the surrounding lands safe for many leagues around. Progress is slow however, as many of the Rangers have also been called upon to double their guard on the Shire. Despite appearing battered and ramshackle these reclaimed watchtowers yet stand as imposing attestations of the architecture of Arnor, not unlike those of the Southern Kingdom of Gondor.

Herb of Westernesse

Gives limted passive healing to all units on the map

Called ‘Kingsfoil’ in the common tongue and ‘Asëa Aranion’ in the high tongue, the Athelas plant possesses substantial healing properties, ranging from easing pain, recovering from weariness, to counteracting the deadly effects of Black Breath. Brought from Numenor to Middle-earth long ago, the plant could be found growing in places where the Dunedain once lived or camped such as Weathertop. Though the Rangers know of its healing potency, the knowledge is not widespread and there are many who regard it as having no virtue at all. Those ignorant of its power believe it as no more than a weed, as the herb does not appear very beautiful or admirable.