Dunedain Rangers

Elite troops from Arnor
Available upgrades: Banners, Numenorian Blades, Heavy Armour

The remnant of the nobility of the Northern Realm which was all but destroyed following the War of Arnor and Angmar, the Rangers of the North are a secretive and quiet folk, grim in appearance, manner and dress, wandering and solitary warriors preferring secrecy and guise from open confrontation. Tall, lordly and worn as weathered rocks, each of them could trace their lineage back to the Numenorean nobility under Elendil. They wear little to no armour and carry few weapons. They are often clad in rugged garments of rusty green and brown (and on special occasions, grey) made of leather and cloth, and bear no ornaments on their garments save a silver brooch star clasped on the left shoulder of their cloaks, signifying the Star of the North, the symbol of the Lost Realm of Arnor. The Dunedain of the North wield bows, swords and spears with deadly efficiency and are unmatched by all other men, and even the Rohirrim seem as mere boys compared to them. They also raise stout horses (possibly elven steeds) in the North; said to match the Mearas of Rohan in endurance, for they could go on for days without rest at a constant great pace. They are the most wood crafty hunters of all men, save the Druedain, for they are trained since early childhood the arts of woodcraft, warfare and hunting, possessing superior sight and hearing, an ability to understand the speech of Middle-earth’s untainted animals and at times, foresight. The northern Dúnedain are also the hardiest of all men and the least likely to fall weary in battle, who would give their lives willingly for the safety of the ‘simple folk’ they guard without gratitude or notice, receiving aid only from the Elves.