Husband of Galadriel, grandfather of Arwen and Lord of Lothlorien, Celeborn is amongst the wisest and most powerful individuals in all of Middle-earth. A survivor of the catastrophes of the First Age, Celeborn has seen all too much of war, having fought at the Wars of the Elves and Sauron and the Last Alliance, and even at the Kinslaying of Alqualonde, the elven lord is a weary but hale warrior. Noble and strong beyond even the reckoning of kings, Celeborn leads the forces of Lorien against the shadow that threathens the Golden Wood as the elven realm closest to Mordor. Clad in shimmering silver and riding a white stallion, Celeborn stands in stark contrast with his own elves on the field of battle, leading the front line with shrewd precision. During the War of the Ring, the forest of Lorien was assaulted by the forces of Dol Guldur three times but was successfully repelled, in retaliation, Celeborn led the forces of Lorien across River Anduin and laid siege to the northern fortress of Sauron itself. With the aid of the Elves and Men of Mirkwood, Celeborn and Galadriel destroyed Dol Guldur and cleansed Amon Lanc of its taint. After the War, Celeborn expanded his realm east of Anduin into southern Mirkwood below the Narrows and it became East Lorien.


The leader of the Galadhrim Marchwardens, Haldir and the elves under his command patrol and defend the woods of Lothlorien, keeping out strangers of all kinds and slaying any Orcs foolhardy enough to brave the forest. Having been to Rivendell a few times as a messenger, Haldir is one of the few Lorien elves who have learned Westron and it was he who brought the Fellowship to Caras Galadhon. Initially suspicious of outsiders, he understands the value of alliances and knows that the elves cannot resist Sauron alone. Skilled with bow and sword, the Silvan elf is an exceptional warrior and leader, capable of taking down even the most persistent of soldiers. When fighting within the forests of his land, Haldir wears only the Marchwarden garb; however, he can don the Galadhrim battle-armour if the need arises. In the film’s adaptation of the Two Towers, Haldir led a contingent of Lothlorien elves to Helm’s Deep before the arrival of the army of Isengard, relieving the demoralized Rohirrim defenders. Though Haldir and many of the elves under his leadership were slain in that battle, the part they played helped the Free Peoples achieve an otherwise impossible victory.