Powerful, stealthy archers
Available upgrades: Faradôl, Nornlath, Nimmidanorn

The Marchwardens of Lorien are the first line of defense of its forces. Like their wood-elven kin to the north, the Galadhrim’s style of fighting depends on the cover provided by their domain and ambushes. Luring small companies of attackers away from the main army and thinning the ranks before the final blow. Few enemies have withstood a determined Marchwarden foray and even fewer have been capable of engaging them at close combat.


Verstile and well armoured Elves
Available upgrades: Faradôl, Nornlath, Nimmidanorn

The tree-elves of Lorien are a valiant but introverted folk, more content to join battle with the enemy within the safety of their own borders than taking the field beyond the woods. Nevertheless, the Galadhrim understand the necessity of aiding their worthy allies and have at times sent companies of warriors to their assistance. The Armoured Warriors of Lothlorien form the bulk of these companies, wielding sword and bow; clad in mail and cloak, marching with astonishing speed through any terrain. The Galadhrim Warriors are capable of concealing themselves within forests even with their battle armour on, due to their finely crafted cloaks.

Guardians of the Silver Tree

Elite Kingsguard

Trained together with Celeborn and summoned by him, appear from the side of the map The Silver Tree Guardians are the personal guard of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. Unwavering in their devotion and unparalleled in their skill, they can only be found within the city of Caras Galadhon if not escorting Celeborn upon the battlefield. Like the Lorien rank and file, the Guardians of the Silver Tree wield mallorn bows and sword with equal expertise and are clad in leather armour.