Golden Wood

Activates the Elven Wood power around the mini-faction building

Lothlorien, the Dreamflower, was a realm where time seemed to stand still, decay and taint were nonexistent and all who dwelt for a time there found peace and shelter. In part, this was possible by the prowess of the Galadhrim, who guarded their forest ceaselessly against both Moria to the west and Dol Guldur to the east. But in truth it was the power of Galadrielís ring, Nenya which allowed Lothlorien to maintain its beauty and stave off any invaders.

Telain (Passive)

Allows the construction of defensive Flets in any Mirkwood base, stronger and loftier than Mirkwood Watchtowers.

The Galadhrim of Lothlorien were known for living in trees on platforms called flets. Some flets were simple platforms, while others had houses built on them. These were initially used as refuges or outlook posts, but gradually evolved into dwelling places such as those found in the city of Caras Galadhon. The tendency of using flets as watchtowers in outposts has not disappeared however, and many telain are still in use of the Marchwardens along the borders of the Hidden Land.