Dol Guldur Rhun
Minas Morgul

Minas Morgul

Fortress of Minas Morgul

Trains the leaders and troops of Minas Morgul

The fortresses of Minas Morgul were once the proud outposts of Minas Ithil, Ithilienís former capitol and realm of Isildur, son of Elendil. Built during Gondorís prosperity in the years of the Second Age to prevent incursions from Mordor, they shared the same fate as their chief city, for the Nazgul came unchallenged and took Minas Ithil, perverting it into the Tower of Sorcery, Minas Morgul. From then on, each of the outlying fortresses once under the authority of the Tower of the Moon was tainted by the Witch-king, becoming lesser versions of that accursed city. Their function was corrupted to guard the roads of Ithilien not against the Servants of Shadow, but against the enemies of Sauron, the Free Peoples.