Dol Guldur Rhun
Minas Morgul

Minas Morgul

Morgul Beacon

Increases the speed of all Mordor Infantry

The Beacon of Morgul is an unholy stream of intense green-blue light that only the Nine may invoke. Parallel to the signal fire that may erupt from Barad-dŻr as a signal of an impending war, the Morgul Beacon not only frightens the people of Gondor when it emerges, but also spurs the armies of the Dark Lord on their road to war.

Armouries of Morgul (Passive)

Increases the armour of your infantry

When Minas Ithil was captured by the Nazgul in the Third Age and deformed into the main opposing stronghold of Minas Tirith, their minions made good use of the armouries that were left behind. At the time of the War of the Ring, the smithies of Minas Morgul have been expanded immensely to include multiple siegeworks capable of constructing powerful war machines that rival those of Isengard. The armour produced by Minas Morgul is amongst the finest of defense produced for Sauronís warriors.