Legions of Morgul

Well equipped Orcs from Minas Morgul
Available upgrades: Crescent Shields, Banners

In recent years, the armies of Minas Morgul have had companies of a stronger and bolder breed of Orc march within their ranks. Wherever these creatures are found it is always there that the soldiery of Gondor is the hardest pressed, for the bloodlust and savagery of these monsters far exceed those of their kind, except perhaps for the Uruk-hai. It is the army of Morgul that is called upon to do the bulk of the fighting running up to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and they that drive Gondor's garrison from Osgiliath. The orc Legions of Minas Morgul are the most organized and disciplined army of Mordorís eastern fringes. Unlike lesser Orcs, they are clad in tough and serviceable armour, consisting of stout hauberks covered with sharp overlapping iron plates, the work of the smithies of Morgul, showing a rather uniformed appearance in contrast to the other orcs of Mordor. The weaponry of each Legion however, retains the sheer variety that may be observed in the other regiments of the Black Landís orcish forces.

Morgul Pike-bearers

Disciplined spearsmen from the Morgul Vale
Available upgrades: Banners

In difference to the many functioned Legions, the Pike-bearers of Minas Morgul are excessively drilled for only one sole purpose: to halt any approaching cavalry force of the opposing army. Selected from those orcs who possess unnatural stability, mettle and state of mind, the Morgul pikesmen are almost always sent out before the cityís host. Carrying a myriad of horrid jagged spears and pikes, these deranged orcs readily position themselves ahead of advancing horsemen, awaiting their chance to skewer rider or mount with their rusty sticks.

Morgul Archers

Powerful archers
Available upgrades: Banners, Marksmen

Orcs have never been great shots with range weaponry, preferring to pepper enemy forces with a barrage of twisted arrows en masse. This is the general impression of all warriors of the the Free Peoples who have yet to face the armies of Minas Morgul. The archers of Morgul are the finest of Mordorís Bowmen, hand-picked by Morgulís lieutenants from the greatest of Mordorís Orc Trackers and Marksmen. Capable of shooting down target even at nighttime, the Morgul Archers (if properly covered by their more close-combat oriented allies) can dominate the field of battle before an effective counter-attack can be launched. In addition to their larger bows and arrows, the Orcs of Morgul have at times coated their arrow-tips with lethal doses of Morgul Bloom poison, extracted from the deadly charnel-smelling flowers that fill the Morgul Vale.

Morgul Vanguard

Heavy cavalry of Minas Morgul
Available upgrades: Bodyguards, Banners

The most surprising aspect of Minas Morgul's army is the fact that they also maintain a small force of cavalry, similar to its rival city of Minas Tirith. As apposed to being the valiant and proud Knights of Gondor, the Knights of Minas Morgul are but horrible mockeries of what they once were. For when the Enemy captures a Man of Gondor and even the dungeons of Barad-dur cannot break his spirit, Sauron sends him here to keep watch upon the city he once loved. Such is the power of the City of the Ringwraiths that he who looks upon Minas Tirith from the windows of this citadel sees the city as Sauron sees it - with loathing and hatred - and when his hatred of Minas Tirith has become such a corruption in his soul that he cannot stand to even look upon the city, Sauron feigns mercy and allows the Man of Gondor to return into the world so that he may wreak an unhappy vengeance against his perceived foes. More often than not, these twisted souls are incorporated into the armies of Minas Morgul and many join it's cavalry arm.
Mindless, unmerciful and lacking any trace of free will, these damned men have become little more than wraiths, driven only by the will of their dark lords and unheeding of any sense of self-preservation. Clad in sable darker than the night, and wielding dreadful weapons from the foul forges of Morgul, they ride as the terrible vanguard of the Morgul army, often led by the Nazgul with the Black Captain at their head. In the War of the Ring, these accursed Knights accompanied the Witch King out of Minas Morgul and into the very heart of Gondor, where they fought against their own kinsmen and city.