Dunedain Gondor
Dol Amroth



Trains leaders and units from Itilien

When the folk of Isildur’s former princedom abandoned their ancestral home because of the capture of their chief citadel and attacks by Orcs and Uruks, Ithilien was forsaken for a time, until the Ruling Stewards of Gondor sent scouts of the descendants of these refugees over Anduin to beleaguer the soldiers of Mordor and Harad as best as they may. In Ithilien, the Rangers set up hidden outposts inside the forests themselves. Many of these are no more than provisional bases, while others are more formidable havens built into caves or hills. The longest lasting of these, Henneth Annun, is now the main base of operations for the Rangers of Ithilien under Faramir. The refuges of Ithilien are heavily concealed and guarded positions, the secret of their locations known only to the Rangers themselves. Any intruder not of Gondor or its known allies unfortunate enough to espy one of these sanctuaries is executed swiftly and silently. The supply stores and resting-place of the Rangers, the refuges are also where they are briefed for further missions. The Ithilien Refuge is where all Ithilien mini-faction units and heroes can be trained, in addition to where one can purchase and activate Ithilien-specific upgrades and powers.