Ithilien Rangers

Stealthy and powerful archers
Available upgrades: Banners, Blades of Numenor, Fire Arrows, Marksmen

The Ithilien Rangers are a special force of highly skilled soldiers of Gondor, chosen from the descendants of the people who had dwelt in Ithilien before it fell from Gondor's control; these were the Dúnedain of the South, the near-pure blood of the Numenoreans running in their veins. Dressed in camouflaging green and brown, they crossed the Anduin in secret to harass the forces of the Enemy in Gondor's old domain, doing what little they can to hold back the Shadow. While stationed in Ithilien, they established numerous refuges such as Henneth Annun to aid them in their skirmishes. Armed with bow, spear and sword, the Rangers are masters of stealth and woodcraft, moving undetected through the woods of Ithilien, using the cover of the trees to their advantage, making limited signs of approach. They used the language of Sindarin and knew the speech of beasts and birds, often mimicking bird-calls as signals or commands when laying ambushes. Many Haradrim and orcs have met their end by the green-fletched arrows of the Rangers without even knowing they were watched.