Forbidden Pool (Passive)

Hides the minifaction buildings and allows it to heal nearby units

Decades of attrition battles against the soldiers of Morgul, Mordor and Harad have granted the Rangers of Gondor a better understanding to better conceal their outposts from enemy spies. As their primary weapon and food supply cache, resting area and base of operations, and as such their most vulnerable weakness, it is pivotal that no one outside of their order knows about each Hideoutís exact location. As a rule, the Rangers are told to capture or more often slay any intruder not of Gondor or Rohan. Even without this added precaution, few would be able to uncover a refuge, for each Hideout is camouflage with local foliage to avoid detection as much as possible.


Creates an ambush point on the map, to which Rangers can travel instantly

It is said among the folk of Gondor that none know the hidden paths of Ithilien than the ancestors of those who fled from it. Since the occupation of Mordor and Harad, the Rangers of Ithilien have long since scouted the lands of their ancestral home, secretly retaking lost territory and discovering new vantage points to better hinder the movements of their hated adversaries. Their knowledge in the wilderness is so that they could appear suddenly at one point, thicken the air with their arrows until the enemy drew near them, and then disappear without a trace, only to reappear moments later in another area and press on the attack. In this way have the exiled Southern Dunedain wrought vengeance time and time again upon the invaders of their realm.