The younger son of the Steward of Gondor and brother of Boromir, Faramir is the Captain of the Ithilien Rangers of Gondor. Although Denethor favoured his elder son substantially over Faramir, there was no animosity between the two brothers. More akin to his father, Denethor in mind and insight and similar in appearance to Boromir, Faramir is normally judged by the people of Gondor to be less bold and strong than his brother, because of his gentle and patient nature. This proves inaccurate, for Faramir has fought valiantly in many battles, his swift judgement, leadership and skill-in-arms gaining him the admiration and respect of those who follow him. Faramir harboured a love for lore and music, quickly befriending the wizard Gandalf (Mithrandir by the Gondorians) much to his fatherís disliking. Faramir does not indulge in war, for he fights to safeguard his peoples, rather than to earn acclaim or praise. Like his men, Faramir is an expert in stealth and ambush, leading his forces in forays onto enemy positions. At need, the Captain of Gondor can don his battle armour and ride with the knights of Minas Tirith.


A lieutenant of Captain Faramir of the Ithilien Rangers, Madril is a seasoned veteran of a profession where the life-expectancy of its members was no more than several months. Already a champion among the Rangers when introduced to the leadership of the young Faramir, despite intial skepticism from Madril and the others, the ladís stratagem and competency proved him well, earning the respect of Madril and the Rangers as a superior. Comfortable in both close-quarter and ranged combat, Madril excels in fighting on any terrain, be it forest, plain or city. He joins the forces of Gondor led by Boromir and Faramir in the struggle against the Orcs of Mordor when they invaded the eastern part of Osgiliath, and he is there when the bridge is cast down. Following the departure of Boromir to Rivendell and Faramirís return to Henneth Annun, Madril is usually sent to oversee the defense efforts of Gondorís garrison at Osgiliath and act as a messenger of news between Faramirís position in Northern Ithilien and Minas Tirith.


One of the most trusted lieutenants of Faramir, Damrod is undoubtably loyal to his leader and the realm of Gondor. His ancestors lived in Ithilien long ago before the coming of darkness that forced them to evacuate that fair realm. A solid leader with a sturdy sword arm, the dour Ranger bears a deep hatred for Mordor and those who ally themselves with it, remembering the massacre of his people by the Uruks and Orcs, but is resigned to his fate of falling in his kingdomís defense. A deadly shot with a longbow and possessing an uncanny alertness, however, the armies of the Dark Lord will lose many times of their number before Damrod draws his last breath.