Dol Guldur Rhun
Minas Morgul

Main Faction

Mordor Citadel

Trains the leaders of Mordor

A mockery of the architecture of Numenor, this tower stands guard over the desolate plains of Mordor. It is here that the important minions of Sauron come for council. This building allows you to recruit the heroes of Mordor.

Orc Pit

Trains the infantry of Mordor

The pits of Sauron, from which the Orcs are spawned. Here you can train the Orcs and Archers that form the backbone of Sauron's forces. Eventually you may also train the elite Uruk-Hai. Various upgrades can also be purchased from this building.

Troll Pit

Releases and upgrades vicious trolls

Trolls are ferocious beasts, and they must be trained and restrained, in one of many pits, before they can be trusted to fuction adequately in Sauron's armies. The Troll Pit trains and equips the Olog-Hai of Mordor, and provides additional upgrades for them.


Tames the greatest beasts of Mordor

Brought from the Ash Mountains, Harad or the further reaches of the East, the Great Beasts and Fell Beasts are temporarily kept in massive make-shift dwellings. Not particularly tame once arriving to their new grounds; trainers of Mordor are always on hand to ensure that these creatures do not bite the hand that feeds them.

Great Siege Works

Arms the legions of Mordor with efficient siege weapons

Spanning almost the entirety of Gorgoroth and Udun, the grand Siege Works of Mordor exceed the workshops of war of every other civilization in Middle-earth, the facilities of Isengard merely a slavesí imitation. Catapults, Siege Towers and especially the great battering ram Grond are constructed here for the ruin of the West.


Produces resources

Found in almost all strongholds situated in northern Mordor, these ever churning iron Furnaces arm the soldiery of the Black Land for the destruction of the Free Peoples.Rivendell building description


Produces resources

Even the Orcs, Trolls and Men who serve under the Dark Lord need proper food supplies, for not all of Sauronís forces are undead. Animals reared in the fertile plains of Nurn are brought to these Slaughterhouses to be processed for easy distribution among Mordorís endless troops.

Logging Camp

Logs the forests of Middle-Earth

Built mainly in Mordor-occupied Southern Ithilien, much to Gondorís dismay, the logging camps of the Orcs provide the necessary lumber to sustain the expanding structures of Sauronís domain.