Dol Guldur Rhun
Minas Morgul

Main Faction

Eye of Sauron

Reveals stealthed units in an area

Manifesting itself as a great flaming lidless eye, the ever searching Eye of Sauron scans the battlefield for concealed enemies or a chosen, singular target, the Ring-bearer.

Tainted Land

Corrupts an area of land, demoralizing enemies and bolstering the defence of your allies

As the very land of Mordor has been blasted to a charred black by Sauronís malign influence, so to will all the lands of Middle-earth become once the forces of Darkness overwhelm the armies of the West. The Orcs and other servants of the Shadow are at home fighting on this corrupted terrain, while those of the Free Peoples are weakened by an unexplained enchantment.


Increases resource production on targeted buildings

The armouries and smithies of the Black Land are said to never cease in their weapons-craft, the wheels of industry forever turning for the benefit of the Shadow. The Dark Lord Sauron does not dismiss these account, in fact he encourages it.


Converts the forests of Middle-Earth to resources!

All the forests of Middle-earth can be laid to earth for the good of Mordorís workforce. Devastation can wreak havoc on the woods and farmlands of the Free Peoples, to the Dark Lordís pleasure.

Festering Marshlands

Creates an area of haunted marshland

Thick with mist and vapour, and giving off a horrible stench, the Dead Marshes northwest of the Morannon are a testament of Sauronís power to pervert tragedy into his gain, being a former battlefield where untold numbers of Elves, Men and Orc fell during the War of the Last Alliance. When this power is invoked, the ground turns into marshlands and at times those whoíve fallen on the land seem to rise up and afflict their living kin. The overall effect of the foul spell can halt an unexpected army in its track. An illusion? Perhaps not.


Covers that map in darkness, increasing the power of Mordor's infantry

The Darkness sprouting from Orodruin that covers every portion of Mordor can sometimes be seen to advance out onto the fields of Gondor are not of natureís making, but of Sauronís. The Orcs, Trolls and many Men who serve under the him have no love for daylight, so at times of great conflict the Dark Lord sends forth a broil of fume to ease his forcesí passing along the road to war.

Call the Horde

Greatly increases Orc production speed

Orcish waves can be relentless in their onset, at times so immense that it seems infinite. An unsophisticated but time-proven battle-technique, the surging mass of Orc hordes that replaces each lose with ten others is a sight to behold for Mordorís allies, and a thing to fear for its enemies.

He Has Gathered All Evil to Him

Strengthens the recruitment options of Mordor's structures

In both the War of the Last Alliance and the War of the Ring, Sauron summons to him all manner of forms who hate the West: Orcs, Men, Trolls, Beasts, Birds and Wraiths. Already a vast host, this gathering of all things enslaved under Shadow ensures that the Free Peoples can achieve no victory lest they are all united or the Ring destroyed.