Dol Guldur Rhun
Minas Morgul

Main Faction

The Mouth of Sauron

The wicked emissary of Mordor and Lieutenant of Barad-dur. The Mouth of Sauron is a Black Numenorean and blind telepathic sorcerer of Sauron, who entered the service of the Dark Tower when it arose again. Tall, robed all in black with a high helm and riding atop a monstrous-looking horse, the Mouth of Sauron takes pleasure as the Dark Lordís chief ambassador and favours manipulation from sheer force, usually found escorted by a retinue of mounted soldiers of Mordor. A skilled swordsman in his own right, the Black Lieutenant nevertheless uses his words to forward his agenda, filling the mind with doubt and crushing the morale of the opposing army. If all his subtleties and lies somehow fail, the Mouth of Sauron utters a spell of Mordorís accursed tongue, rendering those within hearing range immobile and disorientated.

Mollock, Captain of Gorgoroth

The chieftain and ruler of the Olog-hai of Gorgoroth. Mollock was one of the first Olog-hai who were created by Sauron in the Third Age. The name Mollock was black speech for "Troll-king", a name personally given to him by Sauron himself, which he rightly earned. As a troll, Mollock is brutal and his strength is unmatched, he delights in slaying the Free Peoples and rules his 'subjects' by way of fear. However, he is disturbingly more intelligent even for an Olog-hai, for he is a capable leader and a cunning fighter, and one of the few trolls capable of wielding a sword in battle. Mollock is clad in a haulberk of giant overlapping plates, and an enormous helmet that covers most of his face.

Shagrat, Captain of the Tower

The Captain of the Uruks of the Tower of Cirith Ungol. Shagrat is a large black uruk of Mordor, with ashen pale skin, long thick arms and a hulking frame. Having served as a leader of Mordorís forces for a considerable amount of time, Shagrat rules over his subordinates with ruthless force and does not hesitate to slay those within his own company to further his authority and power. Shagrat is an experienced fighter with both sword and spear and his loyalty towards the Dark Tower is without question, giving the Uruk captain an armour increase when fighting near any Mordor structures. When cornered, Shagrat can call in reinforcements of his ďladsĒ to help take down his attackers.

The Nazgul

The nine Nazgul are the Dark Lordís most powerful servants. Originally great lords of men, they were given the Nine Rings of Power and corrupted by Sauronís influence, eventually succumbing to it and turned into the undead Ringwraiths. In the Third Age, the Nazgul were the chief agents of Shadow who organized the return of their Dark Lord, taking control of various realms such as Angmar, Dol Guldur, the various tribes of Rhun and after Angmarís fall, Minas Morgul. The Ringwraiths were often found mounted in battle astride specially bred large black steeds. Invisible to mortal eyes, the Nine are only given form by their black garbs. They were ever capable of sensing the One Ring and were the very ones sent out to hunt for the Ring-bearer throughout Middle-earth. They have many weapons, ranging from steel longswords to cursed daggers to maces of fell strength. But they are not confined by physical weapons alone. They are surrounded by a perpetual aura of dread which drives away all but the bravest creature; their Black Breath is highly venomous and their deafening shrieks cause terror and despair. The Ringwraithís prime weapon: fear however, is further strengthened by the coming of night and darkness.

After the Nazgulís horses were swept away and drowned by the river Bruinen near Rivendell, they were forced to regroup at Mordor on foot. They emerged anew beyond the Anduin, riding upon terrible flying beasts that resembled to gigantic featherless carrion fowl with leathery wings. Bred by Sauron in twisted aeries in the mountains surrounding Gorgoroth, these monstrous creatures soar above the firmament of battle, swooping through enemy lines and siege machines, undeterred by the arrows of the opposing force. Besides their beak and talons, which can rend flesh as well as any sword or armour, they possess a foul stench that often overwhelms those who face them.