Orc Warriors

Cannon Fodder
Available upgrades: Banners

The Orcs of Mordor are the foulest creatures to grace Middle-Earth with their presence. They are inept and cowardly, their armour being crude and pieced together from bits of leather and metal. They rejoice in slaughter, and their weapons little more that butchers' implements. They shy from the light of the sun, preferring to slaughter by moonlight. Alone, they are no match for the warriors of the Free Peoples, but untold thousands make up the legions of Sauron, and it is in these numbers that they march on the Realms of Men.

Orc Archers

Archers of Mordor
Available upgrades: Marksmen, Flaming Arrows, Banners

The Orcs of Mordor either fashion or steal crude bows in order to further the evil intents of their dark master. Though their armour is of as poor workmanship as can be found, and their weapons well-suited to butchery, they are numerous. They are not the most accurate marksmen, though again with the sheer number of arrows that can be unleashed, at least a couple are bound to find targets. In their quest for destruction, Orcs often carry with them flaming pitch, to more effectively wreak havoc on the woods and structures of the Free Peoples.

Black Uruks of Mordor

Elite Uruk-hai, powerful in melee
Available upgrades: Superior Training, Banners

At a point late in the Third Age, a new breed of Orc made itself known, issuing from the strongholds of Sauron. The Uruk-hai, as they are known, are stronger, tougher and more resistant to sunlight than most Orcs, and fight with a ferocity unmatched by any. The Black Uruks of Mordor are the elite of the Orcish armies, wielding great weapons with great force, and wearing armour of a higher quality than the average Orc. Worse yet, some of these creatures are inducted to the ranks guarding the strong places of Mordor, and recieve better forged weapons and training to make them superbly suited to the role of Mordor's shock troops.


Powerful Troll
Available upgrades: Troll Armour

The Trolls of Mordor have been bred by Sauron so that they can withstand the light of the sun without turning to stone like normal Trolls do. Brutish and of limited intelligience, Sauron has found many uses for such beasts as these. They push his siege weapons, perform heavy labour and above all serve as his most potent soldiers. Clad in in massive suits of armour and wielding murderous weapons, they are more than equal to the task set to them. Few can withstand the sight of the lumbering charge of the Trolls, and even fewer survive the same charge. The Olog-Hai are perfect complement to the sea of Orcs that compose the majority of Sauron's armies.

Drummer Troll

Inspires fear into the Legions of Mordor

Armies generally employ drummers or musicians to carry a tune or beat out a marching beat. Sauron has taken this even further - his musicians are huge Trolls, single-mindedly beating out the marching pace of the swathes of Orcs as they draw closer the the lands of the Free Peoples.

Great Beast

Powerful lumbering creature

Believed to be partially related to or made in mockery of the fabled Kine of Araw that reside near the Sea of Rhun, the Great Beasts are massive, hulking beasts of burden that serve the forces of Mordor. Whether they were brought from the mysterious lands of the East or bred on the fertile plains of Nurn, the Great Beasts of Mordor are mainly tasked with transporting the greater siege weapons of Sauron, notably the battering ram Grond. Surprisingly passive when left on its own, a Great Beast can be agitated by the Orcs to become as destructive as a Mumak of Harad.

Battering Ram

Smashes down enemy gates

The weakest point in any castle's defences is always the gatehouse. Mordor Orcs throw themselves at the gates wielding a heavy ram, whose purpose is solely to smash down the entrance of any strongpoint so that the host of Udun can enter.

Great Catapult

Hurls death at the enemies of Mordor

The Catapult of Mordor offers many choices of mayhem. Somewhat inferior to the Gondorian Trebuchets, these unlovely devices can hurl stones and flaming pitch far over or directly at enemy walls. When circumstances require it, the basket can be set with the decapitated heads of fallen enemy soldiers, ready to launch into the stronghold to demoralize its defenders.

Siege Tower

Allows the Legions to pass over enemy walls

Not always an effective way into an enemy fortress, the Siege Tower is used primarily to distract wall defenders from the vocal point of any castle, the gate. Constructed by the multitude of Mordorís slaves with wood, iron and stone, Siege Towers advance steadily toward enemy fortifications with nigh impunity.