Rivendell Beornings Mirkwood

Main Faction

Mirkwood Citadel

Trains the heroes of Mirkwood

The centre of any Mirkwood fortress, the Citadel is the very foundation of any Wood-elf army. It functions in the same way as other citadels: a place where you can recruit your faction's heroes and the crucial structure of your base. However, as only the Silvan of the Woodland Realm can contrive, similar to all other Mirkwood structures, the Mirkwood Citadel has the special ability to hide itself from the eyes of your enemy, blending it perfectly into Mirkwood's superior stealth strategy.

Mirkwood Barracks

Trains the warriors of Mirkwood

Although naturally skilled with the bow, the Wood-elves nonetheless require adequat training in arms to be successfully drive out the scourge that infests their forest. Fortunately after ages of experience, the Wood-elves have perfected their battle techniques. Their main rallying point in their fortress, the Mirkwood Barracks stands as one of the largest unit-creation structure of any faction in Middle-earth. As well as being the place where you can train melee and ranged infantry available to Mirkwood, the Barracks is also capable of cloaking itself with its unique "Hide" ability.

Mirkwood Sanctuary

Trains the Harsovi

Despite the many blighted areas located within the forest of Mirkwood, there are still a handfull of secluded glades that are yet uncorrupted by the Necromancer's taint. It is to these sanctuaries where the Wood-elves go for healing of the mind, body and soul. The Sanctuaries of Mirkwood serve as the "wells" of the Mirkwood faction, as they heal all ally units nearby and are able to cloak itself with the "Hide" feature. It is also here where the player is able to train the Mirkwood Harsovi.

Statue of Oropher

Inspires troops

Oropher was the father of Thranduil and King of the Woodland Realm of Greenwood. In the end of the Second Age, during the War of the Last Alliance, Oropher gathered a large army of his people and joined Gil-galad and Elendil in their alliance against Sauron. Though valiant, the elves of the Woodland Realm were poorly equipped and were independent of the command of Gil-galad. When the assault began on the Morannon, Oropher rushed forward without waiting for Gil-galad's signal and was slain along with two-thirds of his army. Thranduil later returned to Mirkwood with what remained of his army and became the new elven-king. Grieved with the lost of his father and as veneration for the former King, Thranduil ordered several statues of Oropher to be carved around the hill of his palace, so that those enemies who succeeded in approaching the elven-king’s halls will bear their silent menace. The Statue of Oropher provides leadership bonuses to all nearby Mirkwood units and friendly units. As all other structures of the Wood-elves, the Oropher statue can be kept hidden from the enemy’s sight.

Mirkwood Forge

Upgrades your troops

One of the latest structures to appear in the Woodland Realm's arsenal, the Forge is where the Wood-elves create their elegant but lethal tools of war. Though relatively new to the techniques of smithing (as they were only perfected near the end of the Third Age, after the refounding of Erebor and Dale), the Wood-elves' peserverance have since then invented several never-before-realised methods in crafting such as the invention of white blades and water-hardened leather. The Mirkwood Forge gives the player access to purchase Mirkwood's unit upgrades and also includes the "Hide" ability.

Mirkwood Watchtower

Defends the forest

To guard their ever besieged kingdom against intrusions out of Dol Guldur or otherwise, the Wood-elves have built stout towers throughout and around their realm. These Watchtowers are daunting barrier to enemies wishing to destroy the sanctity of the Woodland Realm. Each Watchtower is cheap and built fast, but it is also built without anyone in it to attack, therefore are rendered useless without any troops garrisoned in it. Unlike all other sentry/battle towers, the Mirkwood Watchtower is capable of shooting several arrows at once, comparable to a ruined tower. The player can also keep it out of site or set up an ambush with its ability to cloak itself with the "Hide" feature.

Mirkwood Orchard

Produces resources

Since Mirkwood does not support the requirements for either cultivation or the keeping of livestock, Thranduil's folk have 3 options of obtaining their provisions: by trade (which they do infrequently), by hunting and by foraging. Orchards may be found throughout the Woodland Realm, particularly near the Forest River. The Orchard trees which have been specially planted by the Harsovi seem magical, for they grow at an exceeding rate and produce fruit faster than any other fruit trees. Mirkwood Orchard are one of the two Mirkwood resources buildings. They generate resources slower, however they are able to be built within the castle plot itself, unlike the Hunting Lodge. It also has the ability to "Hide" from detection.

Mirkwood Hunting Lodge

A garrison of Feredir hunt the local fauna

The Wood-elves favourite past-time (among others) is hunting, as such they have developed into extraordinary hunters; and can often be found riding with their king through Mirkwood in search of game. To compliment these hunters, lodges specifically built are found outside the realm. It is a brave elf to dwell alone outside the protection of the kingdom, but the Feredir that live in these Hunting Lodges are highly formidable fighters when facing the wild monsters that prowl the forest's leafy glades. The Hunting Lodge is the second resource building available to the player. It generates more resources than the Orchard, but is only buildable on an Oupost plot, thus making it more vulnerable to attacks. To counter enemy raiders, the Hunting Lodge is protected by a garrison of Feredir, who defend the building with their bows. It is further defended by its ability to dissapear from view with the "Hide" feature.