Maethor (Sindarin: Warrior)

Basic ranged infantry
Available upgrades: Nornlath, Nimmidanorn, Faradôl

Almost all Wood-elves have been called to defend their woodland homes against attacks from Orcs, spiders and worse at one time or another. The Mirkwood Maethor represent the very core of the Woodland Realm’s army. Although unarmoured and relatively vulnerable, their ability to seamlessly blend into the forests, their superior manoeuverability and their exceptional skill with the bow makes them capable of bringing down enemy forces twice the size of theirs within their element. The Maethor are armed with short bows and Mirkwood blades.

Megilherdir (Sindarin: Sword-master)

Basic melee infantry
Available upgrades: Nornlath, Nimmidanorn, Hadron

When the Woodland Realm lost many of its elves during the War of the Last Alliance as a result of inefficient armour, Thranduil Elvenking decided to enter into his ranks soldiers capable of bearing armour and engage at close-quarter combat effectively to make sure his people would never suffer the same fate again. Thus the Megilherdir were created. These stout elven warriors, clad in stunning golden and green armour and wielding spears and swords, are the first line of defense and offense of the Wood-elves when confronting an enemy outside their forest home. They also bear large golden shields, made with skill and worth, which can deflect the blows of enemy weapons with ease.

Harsovi (Sindarin: Wound-cleaner)

Mirkwood healer
Available upgrades: Nornlath

Despite being less powerful in the healing arts than the High-elves of the West, the Wood-elves of Mirkwood nonetheless possess potent leech craft with their abundant source of herbs and experience gained throughout the ages. Within the Kingdom of Thranduil, the elves that take up the position of healers are mainly women. These valiant maidens are not only gifted with staggering grace, but are endowed with powerful spells of cleansing and preservation. They can rarely be seen by travelers passing through Mirkwood, who now and then are able to perceive the faint singing of fair voices through the trees, for they are as agile as their male opposites and are able to elude anyone foolish enough to follow them. Only when battle is drawn on the outskirts of Mirkwood can anyone outside the Wood-elves’ society catch clear sight of them. The Harsovi carry no weapons and are clad in virtually no armour, for they work mostly at the rear lines, tending to the wounded.

Thirrad (Sindarin: Path-watcher)

Mirkwood elite archer and spy
Available upgrades: Nornlath, Faradôl

The paths of Mirkwood are dark, unwholesome and foreboding. Yet there are some paths used by the elvenkind of Amon Thranduil that are not yet stained by the touch of evil. But as danger grows and the wood becomes more perilous, guards are needed to ensure safe passage through the Forest. Such are the Thirrad of the Wood-elves, also known as the Sentinels. The very elite of Mirkwood’s armies, the Sentinels watch over the paths made by their kin and are commanded to slay any intruders that might pose a treat to the Woodland Realm or its inhabitants. They are largely scattered throughout the forest, but one may see a company of these soldiers mustered when a battle draws near. They are almost impossible to discern from their surroundings, for they sit and wait on the boughs of trees overhead, and can stay startlingly still for hours on end, a charge that would leave lesser beings mad. An orc may think that he is unmarked by any near an elven path, just to meet his end from the arrows of the Sentinels before he even realizes what had happened. This skill also allows them to enter enemy encampments undetected. At times, sweet yet eerie melodies can be heard at places throughout the forest, as the Sentinels gladly play their haunting tunes when in times of peace and plenty.

Taurdrim (Sindarin: Forest-folk)

Mirkwood Kingsguard
Available upgrades: Nornlath, Nimmidanorn

Elven-lords of high-esteem by their own right, the Taurdrim are the royal guardsmen of the elvenking Thranduil. The most war-hardened, discerning and powerful of the Wood-elves, there is close to no moment where Thranduil is not guarded by a member of his royal guard. The Taurdrim are clad in the finest mail Thranduil’s people can offer and their swords and shields are made of the highest quality, their skills surpassing all other mortals of the same rank. They defend their king to the death, for they have been conditioned to fear no adversaries.

Feredir (Sindarin: Hunter)

Defenders of the Hunting Lodge
Available upgrades: Nornlath, Faradôl

These Wood-elven hunters can be found almost anywhere in the northern portion of Mirkwood, riding or stalking their prey through the vast trees and glades. One location where they can usually be found near is a Hunting Lodge, situated outside the general vicinity of the Woodland Realm. Enemies who mistake the Feredir and the Hunting Lodge which they defend to be easy pickings are hard pressed to challenge the hunters’ skill with bow and blade.