Rivendell Beornings Mirkwood

Main Faction

Safe Haven

Summons a stealthed Mirkwood Sanctuary structure anywhere on the map. Operates similar to buildable Sanctuaries with the exception of training Harsovi.

Despite the many blighted areas located within the forest of Mirkwood, there are still a handful of secluded glades that are yet uncorrupted by the Necromancer's taint. It is to these sanctuaries where the Wood-elves go for healing of the mind, body and soul.

Forest Under Night

Creates a patch of dark forested area that provides bonuses to friendly units. Frightens enemy units when cast on them.

Although much of Greenwood has been corrupted by Sauronís presence throughout the years, the Wood-elves have since learned to use the forestís dark to their advantage. In parts of northern Mirkwood where the evil is less, potent enchantments reside in certain glades. These glades offer Thranduilís folk a respite in their unending war against the Shadow, for all of its minions dare not enter any of these regions.

Hunting Hounds

Increases production rate of all Hunting Lodges. Passive power.

On occasions of great hunts, the Wood-elves bring with them their hunting dogs. Even travelers threading the paths of Mirkwood far from the Woodland Realm may at times hear the distant barking of the hounds..

Rhovanion Alliance

Summons a group of Dwarven Warriors from Erebor and Men-at-arms from Dale to aid you.

After the Battle of the Five Armies and the restoration of all three Kingdoms of Elves, Dwarves and Men in Wilderland, a league was formed between the realms of Mirkwood, Erebor and Dale to come to each othersí aid if the need arisen. Until the War of the Ring, this newly founded Rhovanion Alliance had not been broken since.

Roots of Wrath

Awakened vines and roots of Mirkwood hinder enemy movements, while tearing apart hostile structures and walls.

Asides from the Old Forest and Fangorn Forest, Mirkwood is another tract of land inhabited by all manner of sentient plants. This comes in no surprise as the elves of northern Mirkwood enjoy the company of these trees. Despite a placid if slightly sinister nature, the forest of Mirkwood itself will at times rise up in anger against its aggressors. Lashing out violently with root, branch and vine, and enclosing in those who stray out of the battle, the forces of Dol Guldur have made it a habit as to disturb the forest that they are stationed in as little as possible in their advance.


Sun breaks through darkness or rain. Slowly heals all friendly units throughout the map..

In recognition of the Necromancerís sorcery that infects much of the forest, spring is a rare season that comes only fleetingly to Mirkwood. Nevertheless, the subtle magic of Middle-earth has at times granted its power to Thranduilís Realm. Shattering the bonds of winter and dispelling all dark, this spell brings a brief touch of the beauteous weather of a fine spring day. Frozen waters instantly melt, the sun shines brightly, the temperature warms to that of spring, and flowers bloom. All Free Peoples within the spell recover their weariness and are healed of their wounds.

Lights Go Out

Enemy units within casting area have their attack stats, speed stats, accuracy and vision stats reduced tremendously.

As in defiance of the murk of Dol Guldur that engulfs those who enter former Greenwood, the Wood-elves employ their own version of the darkness which they use to startling effect. Once cornered, the elves of northern Mirkwood have the ability to veil themselves in complete dark. Giving them time to regroup and confusing their would-be ambushers. For this reason, a wood-elven force of the Woodland Realm can never be taken by surprise.

Power of the Three

Significantly reduces speed and attack damage of all enemy units throughout the map.

Three Rings of Power were given to the race of elves. Vilya (Ring of Air), Nenya (Ring of Water) and Narya (Ring of Fire), they were the most powerful of the Rings of Power apart from the One Ring. Their power was in understanding, making, preserving and healing. They were not weapons, though they could be used to defend against Sauron and his servants, allowing the havens of Imladris and Lorien to flourish. Individually, they were mighty enough to repel entire armies, but what would be the effect if the Three were used in league?