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Kinsman of the great elvenking of Doriath, Thingol Greycloak father of Luthien, Thranduil is an Elf of both wisdom and might. The father of Legolas and ruler of the Woodland Realm of Mirkwood, he has fought in numerous battles, including the War of the Last Alliance and the Battle of the Five Armies. Though suspicious of outsiders (particularly Dwarves), he is kind-hearted and generous to allies and friend. Matchless in tactical superiority and with the sword, the elvenking is a shining example of elven prowess in the field of battle. In addition to his exceptional mental and physical strengths, Thranduil also has the ability to manipulate the forces of nature within his realm to oust invaders. During the War of the Ring, Thranduil sent his son to the Council of Elrond as a messenger, for Thranduil was preparing for the inevitable war that will fall on all who resist the Shadow. When the War of the Ring reached its climax, Thranduilís realm was attacked by a large force out of Dol Guldur. After a great battle and ruin of fire, Thranduil emerged victorious and sallied forth to aid the beleaguered Beornings, and the forces of Lothlorien in their destruction of Dol Guldur. After the War, Thranduil expanded his kingdom all the way south to the Mountains of Mirkwood and in the Fourth Age, the Wood of Greenleaves had been cleansed once more.


The son of Thranduil and prince of the Woodland Realm of Mirkwood, Legolas is an unparalleled archer and a mighty warrior. In the War of the Ring, Legolas attended the Council of Elrond at his fathers behalf, later he would become a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. He proved his worth multiple times in his adventure, slaying scores of orcs, uruk-hai and even a fellbeast of Mordor. But the Legolas' greatest achievement was his lasting friendship with Gimli son of Gloin. After the War, Legolas led many Wood-elves south from Eryn Lasgalen into the new princedom of Ithilien, where with they and dwarves led by Gimli helped restore Minas Tirith to its full glory. After the death of King Elessar, Legolas took his friend Gimli and together they sailed into the West.