Rivendell Beornings Mirkwood

Main Faction

Nimmidanorn (Sindarin: Whiten hard)

Available at the Mirkwood Forge
Increases melee damage

One of the most ingenious and recent craft skill developed by the Wood-elves of Thranduil's kingdom, the Nimmidanorn strengthens the claim that both form and function are able to coexist. Nimmidanorn crystals are the hardest form of steel found wielded by any realm of Middle-earth, rivalling even the blades of the Dwarves. It is formed when the steel undergoes heat-treatment/quenching using clay. When polished, the metal's colour looks frosty white, not unlike snow. For this reason, much of the Wood-elves' weaponry have a stunning whitish hue, and their swords and daggers are named "White Blades".

Nornlath (Sindarin: Hard leather)

Available at the Mirkwood Forge
Increases armour

Agile, switft and cunning, the Wood-elves of Mirkwood have no need for armour within the bounds of their forest home, relying purely on stealth and manoevrability win a war of attrition against their enemies. Still, as the War of the Last Alliance and the Battle of the Five Armies showed, the Wood-elves vulnerability have cost them numerous lives. As a solution, near the end of the Third Age, Wood-elven prowess led them to design a wholly new method in the crafting of armour that is enduring yet flexible. The Wood-elves had come upon the process of hardening leather armour with but the element of water. This process involved the immersion of leather into hot water. Once immersed, the leather would become almost elastic, thus giving the smith total freedom in its forming. Over the course of several hours, the leather would loose its elasticity and turn stiff, turning it as hard as wood. This process takes a lengthy period, for the longer the leather is submerged in water, the harder is becomes. However, the harder and stiffer the leather gets, it also becomes more brittle. As a consequence, the Wood-elves would need to replace any cracked lamellae in their armour after each confrontation. The Nornlath upgrade is crucial to a Mirkwood player that likes to use hit-and-run tactics alot.

Faradôl (Sindarin: Hunting heads)

Available at the Mirkwood Forge
Increases arrow damage

A tribute to their somewhat wild nature and their grim prolonged war with Sauron's servants, the beautiful but fatal Faradôl arrows are rightly feared by all who dare to attack the Wood-elves kingdom. Formed with the Nimmidanorn craft, giving them extreme durability, each arrow is not only tipped at the front, but has two additional razors on each side, facing the opposite direction. These razors are utilized when Wood-elven archers fire them into oncoming enemies, the arrow heads imbedde themselves into the flesh, inflicting painful wounds and nigh impossible removal of the arrows. When upgraded with these arrows, the Mirkwood players is able to decimate an enemy army within minutes.

Ereghadron (Sindarin: Thorn spears)

Available at the Mirkwood Forge
Allows the Megilherdir

The most long-standing weapon for the Wood-elves aside from the bow is the spear. Unlike the spears of the other elvenkind, the spears of the Woodland Realm are shorter and more able to be employed on wooded terrain. Called Ereghadron by the Wood-elves, these spears are seen mainly on the front lines, wielded by the Megilherdir. The Ereghadron is a very useful upgrade to get, not only does it make the player's armoured warriors excellent anti-cavalry infantry, but it also allows them greater flexibility in combat.